Hemp 4000 MG Pain Relief Cream

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  •     Contains 4000 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp
  •     Derived from natural US-grown Hemp
  •     Laboratory-tested for purity, potency & quality-assured
  •     Penetrates the dermal layer to relieve pain
  •     Rapid pain-relief action
  •   Less than 0.3% THC conten
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Our Hemp Pain Relief Cream 4000 mg provides you with both a remedy for various types of pain/ ache and rejuvenated skin. This luxurious formula uses high-quality organic US-grown hemp. On topical application, the cream swiftly enters the dermis and helps reduce pain and inflammation. It may also soothe the sore muscles by giving them a warm, fuzzy feeling. The natural beeswax and aromatic essential oils render your skin supple and soft. One jar contains 2 oz of 2000 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp which includes all the phytocannabinoids like cannabidiol, terpenes, flavonoids, and a trace amount of THC. All these ingredients interact with each other to give an entourage effect that benefits the user.

How does the Hemp Pain Relief Cream 4000 mg work?

The Hemp pain relief cream 4000 mg we are offering you is highly efficient and is recommended to those who have already used its 1000 mg or 2000 mg doses before. The cream takes effect by triggering our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is primarily engaged in maintaining our body’s homeostasis or balance. Instead of working throughout the body, the cream has a localized effect. The warm-tingling sensation is because of the effect of Hemp on the pain areas associated with the sensation of spiciness.

Recommended Usage of Hemp Pain Relief Cream 2000 mg

You must thoroughly clean the area of the application first to make sure that the cream directly contacts the skin. After you’ve pat dried your skin, take a small dollop of the cream and apply it to the area where you are experiencing pain. Massage it well so it is completely absorbed into your skin because if left, it can stain your clothes and also work less efficiently. Depending on the body part, the need for the amount of cream will differ but remember that a little goes a long way. You should experience some relief in your pain within an hour of application. However, if it doesn’t work, apply some more. You should reapply the cream every 3-4 hours (at least thrice a day) for best results.

In case you have had skin allergies, consult your physician about using the cream. A patch-test (in inner-elbow) is recommended for all first-time users.

Things to Know and Watch Out For

The Hemp pain relief cream is strictly made for topical use.  Avoid swallowing it or getting it in contact with the eyes. People suffering from other health problems and who take prescribed or over-the-counter medicines must inform their doctor before using the cream. In no case, one should treat this cream as a replacement for any medicine they have been taking for any health condition.

The starting dose for this cream is 2000 mg and the 4000 mg variant is intended for experienced users. As the effect of Hemp on each individual varies, we cannot claim a particular effect on all. Use them as you deem fit after having experimented with the dosages.

Storage Instructions

  1.   Store this cream in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.
  2.   Keep it out of the reach of children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Q.1  How long does Hemp Pain Relief 4000 mg cream take to work?

Ans- It takes about 30-60 minutes for the cream to take effect. However, this time may vary from individual to individual.


Q.2 Is Hemp Pain Relief 4000 mg better than 2000 mg?

Ans- The Hemp pain relief cream 4000 mg is more potent than the 2000 mg cream because it contains a higher dose of Hemp . 2000 mg is suitable for mild pain and for those who’re using Hemp cream for the first time while the 4000 mg cream is better suited for more intense pain and is recommended to experienced users.


Q.3 How much Hemp in cream do you need for pain relief?

Ans- On average, there should be about 3 to 8 mg Hemp per serving of the cream for it to show effect. But the exact dose of Hemp will depend on the intensity of pain and tolerance capacity of the user.


Q.4 Hemp cream vs Hemp cream for pain relief- which one is better?

Ans- Most hemp creams don’t contain Hemp and hence have no pain-relieving effect. It acts as any other ordinary moisturizing cream. On the other hand, Hemp cream is specifically made for relieving pain as it contains Hemp and traces of THC. So, Hemp cream is better than hemp creams.  



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